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Freestanding Kitchen Cabinetry
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Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets
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Classic Furinture Design

Quality, Simplicity, and Timeless Style... our Freestanding Cabinetry stands out from the plain look of traditional box designs, bringing individual character and a unique style to your kitchen in a way that only real furniture can.

A Cleaner and Healthier Home

Because Freestanding Cabinets have no toe kicks, you can clean under your cabinets using a Swiffer, and cleaning is eaisier without the sharp 90 degree corners in toe kicks which trap dirt and moistre. The open bottoms breath and keep dry avoiding the common problem of trapped moistre and toxic mold growth.
Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets
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Freestanding Kitchen Cabinetry - a better product.

     Freestanding kitchen cabinets are real kitchen furniture - a design with many advantages over cabinets with toe kicks. Freestanding cabinets have open bottoms with stylish feet - no toe kicks, and have a true furniture quality appearence that stands out. Because freestanding cabinets don't have toe kicks with 90" corners, cleaning around them is actually quicker and eaisier - Swiffers will reach from front to back under our freestanding design making cleaning eaisy and fast. Besides the appealing furniture look of freestanding cabinetry, the common problem of trapped moisture under cabinetry from sweety pipes, floor mopping, and general use does not accure. Freestanding kitchen cabinet design allows the bottoms to breath and keep dry and mold free, eliminating the far too common problem of toxic mold growth under your cabinets. Mold growth not only destroys your cabinets, but creates a very unhealthy environment within your home, and can pose very serious health problems for your entire family - especially those with allergies. Because cabinets with toe kicks make the space under your cabinets inaccesable, cleaning and inspection is not an option; any mold growth will go undetected for years until your cabinets show outward signs of deterioration. Since freestanding cabinets by design have no inaccessible dead spaces, they allow you to clean underneath, and keep your home clean and mold free. With an open bottom design, your freestanding cabinets will last much longer than standard cabinets with toe kicks; in fact, freestanding kitchen cabinets can endure far into the future, and be passed on as heirlooms for future generations to cherish just like any other furniture item in your home. And even if you decide to replace or upgrade your cabinetry down the road, its nice to know that your freestanding cabinetry investment will still have value and use elsewhere - you might say that our cabinetry is 100% recyclable. Investing in a kitchen furniture design rather than common cabinetry with toe kicks is a wise investment that not only looks great and stands out, but contributes to a clean and healthy kitchen that will enever go out of style.

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